About Me

estherbwSome people drink, others smoke or take drugs. Me, I cook. Cooking for me has gone from hobby to obession for me as I strive to cook the perfect. . . something. Cooking wasn’t really on my radar until my now-husband and I first got together. I made him spaghetti that he devoured like a starving man and then confessed to me that he’d been wary of all the garlic, onions, and spinach going into the sauce, but tried it anyway. He’s been my biggest fan and supporter ever since. Even though he’s a picky eater, he’ll try anything I make, because he believes in my palate and ability. It feels good to feed him brussels sprouts and have him text his mom saying, “Guess what I’m eating?”

I named this blog “Every Single Dish” because I’m shocked at the amount of dishes it can take to make one meal sometimes. That, and “Savory Tooth” was already taken.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my love of cooking. My food photography sucks, and I hope it improves with time, but until then, please take my word for it that the food is good!


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