Perfect Chicken Breast

nobodycallsmeI’m notorious for overcooking chicken. A lifetime of hearing about the dangers of eating undercooked chicken as left me incapable of cooking it to anything less than a leathery consistency.

This method cooks chicken breast perfectly every single time. There’s no bells or whistles on this method, so the seasoning is up to you. I chop it up and use it in fried rice, or slice into strips and put on top of salad. Seriously, you can do anything you like here. It’s not terribly interesting on its own, however, so I’m not even going to post a picture of it.

You will need:

A large fry pan with a tight-fitting lid

Cooking oil

Thin-sliced or pounded-thin chicken breast.

  1. If your chicken breast isn’t thin-sliced, either butterfly slice it thin,  or place it in a large Ziplock bag and pound it thin.
  2. Heat your fry pan (I like cast iron/enamelware) to medium-high with peanut or vegetable oil before placing your chicken breast in the pan. They should sizzle slightly when they hit the metal. Let them cook on one side for 1 minute, then flip.
  3. Turn the heat down to medium-low and put the lid on. Let the chicken breasts cook for 10 minutes. Turn the heat off, and let them sit, lid on, for another 10 minutes before serving.

Want to see a picture of them cooking? 

Ha! That was a trick question because you’re suppose to keep the lid on!

When you take the lid off (after 10 minutes of cooking and ten of sitting, not before. Never before!), the result will be perfectly-cooked, juicy chicken breasts. This method works because you’re basically poaching the chicken in it’s own juices.  

 Try it! It’s amazing. It opens up a whole new world of chicken possibilities to you.


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