Sesame Noodles

Despite being a white American girl from the suburbs, I have a special love of all Asian foods. I wonder sometimes if I was Asian in a previous life because it’s what I want, it’s what I crave.


This lovely recipe came to me from a website that had it listed as a basic side dish. I’ve revamped it a bit and turned it into a main course.

First, start off with your ingredients

  1. 10 oz Chinese noodles (They look like ramen noodles, but better. They should be in the international section of your grocery store.)
  2. 2 bunches of asparagus, trimmed and chopped into bite-sized pieces. I have also used Gai-lan (aka Chinese broccoli) with great success. 
  3. 6-8 scallions, sliced, with the white parts set aside.
  4. 1-2″ chunk of fresh ginger, grated on a plane grater
  5. 1 cup teriyaki sauce (I like Soy Vey, but whatever you like is fine)
  6. 1/4 cup rice vinegar (be careful here, a little goes a long way)
  7. 6 tsp honey or sugar
  8. 4 tsp sesame oil
  9. vegetable oil for stir frying
  10. Sriracha, bean sprouts, green parts of scallions, fried egg for topping

Start off by cooking noodles according to package directions. Most cook in about 3 minutes due to some kind of magic, so don’t leave them unattended. Rinse them in cold water and set aside. Mix a little vegetable or peanut oil in with the noodles to prevent sticking.

Combine ginger, teriyaki sauce, rice vinegar, honey, and sesame oil together in a bowl. Make sure you mix thoroughly with a fork or whisk to incorporate the honey/sugar. Otherwise, it will sink to the bottom and form a syrup that you’ll have to scrape out. Set the sauce mix aside and heat up your wok.

Stir fry the white parts of the scallions and asparagus until they’re warm, softened, and the color is vibrant. Mix the sauce in and let it thicken and slightly reduce. Add noodles to the mix and stir fry until they’re evenly coated with the sauce mix and warmed through. Drizzle more sesame oil as you cook to add flavor to your taste, but be careful. Just a few drops have an intense flavor.

Serve in shallow bowls, topped with fresh bean sprouts, the green parts of the scallion, a good helping of sriracha, and I’m not kidding here, a fried egg. Make sure the yolk is runny and mix it all together. The flavor combination here is magical. I’ve made this with grilled chicken on top instead of the egg, and it just isn’t the same. Make the egg and you can thank me later.




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